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Internet scam - wont refund money, product never received
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6/29/2010 4:20 PM (PST)

I have obviously been a victim of a huge internet scam - XM Brands, Inc. Signed up for a free 10 day trial of a teeth whitening product - on the 7th day was charged roughly $91 (includ S&H) for a product that I never received. I called on the 7th day and told the company I had not received the product, and that I was charged for it. After almost 2 MONTHS now, still haven't gotten my refund - after calling every week for it. I was told today, that even though I sent my "cancellation" email on the 14th (7 DAYS after I ordered the trial), that the company didnt receive the email until the 17th, which just happens to be the 11th day, and that they will not give me my refund. WHAT CAN BE DONE ABOUT THIS COMPANY???????? There are over 30 posts on this company, with everyone saying the same thing - trial period, charged before the 10 days, never receive product, and now company wont refund our money. What can we do???? How can we get our money back????

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6/30/2010 10:05 AM (PST)


This company has a pattern of complaints with the same allegations. Your best recourse is filing a dispute with your credit card company and filing a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center but still follow up with a BBB complaint for the record. Since they have a pattern of not responding to complaints, they may not respond but at least it will be on file.

You can file your complaint at their BBB report above your question and file your complaint with ICCC at

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