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9/29/2011 9:28 AM (PST)

How is this business able to close down their previous shop and open up a new one under a similiar name? We finally found Nicole Webber with Allstate Relocation Van Lines working for Allstate Moving and yes the receptionist did tell me that they were formally Allstate Relocation Van Lines and that they did close down and this is their new name!! I am in the process of taking them to small claims court and i have contacted a local news company to investigate this company! It is an outrage that they are allowed to open up again and do business while they are damaging and stealing from their customers.

Is there anything that the BBB can do in order for them not to open up shop again after all their complaints. Look on the internet and you will find hundreds of complaints. I even called the DEPT. OF TRANSPORATION to file a report.

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