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What should I do in this situation
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11/29/2010 9:14 AM (PST)

what should i do. I have put up 5500 for a loan but haven't got the funds for 7 weeks.

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11/30/2010 12:57 AM (PST)

Instead of a comment you can place a complaint against this company because this can get an investigation started also try looking into these websites they might help Washington state office of attorney general or you can also try going to the consumer action website and filling a complaint

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11/30/2010 10:00 AM (PST)


Call the BBB at 909-825-7280 to file a complaint.

Contact the Dept. of Corporations at 213-576-7500, the company should be licensed through the Finance Lender Division, which can take a complaint.

Contest the payment you made to them through your financial institution if possible.

Contact the California Attorney General at 916-322-3360

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8/25/2011 11:48 PM (PST)

Just visit at:-

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