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AM of K2 Bann you cuz his GF play the game????
Category: Services
Tags: Gamervision, online gaming
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4/8/2010 10:24 PM (PST)

well guys im tired ill let BBB deal with them and i advice everyone not to pay for K2 anymore you will end up Perm-banned without reason.. the fact me and some friends who want me back is the AM and some G1 staff are friends with some gamers in the game... AM Raiden he loves a gamer called Nadine and if nadine dont like you AM Raiden will bann you for no reason will this is only an example ... i like this community really thancks for reading ^_^

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4/9/2010 10:02 AM (PST)

Hi Khalid,
I'm glad your enjoying the Trustlink Community!

It sounds like your on the right track with filing your BBB complaint. K2 has several reviews by other gamers some with similiar issues. You can view those by clicking on the "View Reviews" at their above store front.

You can also check out this is a neutral review forum for online gamers.

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4/9/2010 11:29 AM (PST)

thanck you alot and ill keep in touch with this community even after if i got my account back :)

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